29-49 EUR
Alyona Alyona
21 June

Alyona Alyona

29-49 EUR

Melnā Piektdiena
Brīvības iela 193C

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About the show

Alyona alyona with a live performance in Riga!

We invite you to the concert of the unsurpassed alyona alyona in Riga! On June 21, the most famous Ukrainian rapper, the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, will give a big exclusive concert in Riga at Melnā Piektdiena. For the first time since the Eurovision Song Contest final, alyona alyona will give a live concert in Riga, so don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this event!

Concert of the Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona in the capital of Latvia!

Incendiary, energetic, special, sincere and kind alyona alyona will perform an unforgettable show filled with songs that unite and inspire Ukrainians around the world. Come listen to your favorite hits and enjoy modern Ukrainian music! Buy tickets on our website today, choosing from among:

  • I POOL - Standing seats - early birds;

  • II POOL - Standing seats;

  • VIP Scene - Seating near the stage, without snacks;

  • VIP Back Floor - Seating on the elevation at the end of the hall with free snacks.

Don't delay, become a part of an unforgettable evening with alyona alyona!

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alyona alyona tracks:

  • “Муляжі”

  • “Не втратимо зв’язок”

  • “В темноті”

  • “Небо хилиться”

  • “Teresa&Maria”

  • “KUPALA”